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The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar is recognized by Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprise as an official Elvis Presley Fan club. We pride ourselves on the love, respect and admiration of Elvis, his music and the legacy he left behind. Hence, we kindly ask that anybody wanting to become a Member genuinely and honestly join because they want to be a positive figure in the Fan Club and are committed to it.

Becoming a member is easy, just fill out the quick application that includes your full name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This information is needed to process your application. But we’d also love to know a little more about you, so feel free to write a bit about yourself or what you like most about Elvis. We’ll contact you by E-mail to finalize your membership.

Being a member will enable you to know about general Elvis events in your community, find out about members-only events, suggest and help organize events and activities, submit pictures, etc. If you have a change of phone number or e-mail, please contact us so we can update our records.

We are currently still discussing what the Membership Package will include and if any small membership fees will be required in the near future, but, as of now all that is included is a Fan Club Membership Card, Elvis Photo, and E- newsletters of upcoming club activities, meetings, shows, Graceland news & events.

Also note that all the information you send us is CONFIDENTIAL – no one will have access to your information! Make sure to spread the word and tell your friends about the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar. Our most important factor will always be Elvis and the joy and inspiration we derive from his legacy.

We look forward to meeting and chatting with Elvis fans, new or old… TCB TLC

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Club Fees

No fees at the current moment.

All members will be receiving periodic emails from Qatar Elvis Fans through our Newsletter.

If I Can Dream // The Essential Elvis Presley
  1. If I Can Dream // The Essential Elvis Presley
  2. That’s All Right // The Essential Elvis Presley
  3. Return to Sender // The Essential Elvis Presley
  4. Mystery Train // The Essential Elvis Presley
  5. Viva Las Vegas // The Essential Elvis Presley
  6. Memories // The Essential Elvis Presley
  7. In the Ghetto // The Essential Elvis Presley
  8. All Shook Up // The Essential Elvis Presley
  9. Jailhouse Rock // The Essential Elvis Presley
  10. The Wonder of You // The Essential Elvis Presley